Trained To Take Trains From High-Vis Staff

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(I am a contract truck driver doing short-haul. This means I catch a train to where the truck is, drive it, and then catch a train to the next job or home. I have a large bag of essentials and a small folding bike with me, but above all, I am wearing a hi-vis jacket. I catch a LOT of trains. I have just dropped off a truck at Gatwick Airport and am standing perusing the departure board for the trains when someone comes and taps me on the shoulder.)

American Lady: “Excuse me, can you tell me where the train to Victoria goes from?”

Me: “Erm… From Platform 4 or 5, they alternate. Take the lift over there and listen to the announcements.”

(I turned back and work out my own train was going in twenty minutes from Platform Seven. As I was about to head there another couple approached me with the same question. I directed them, too… and the next… and the next. At one point I had a small queue. At no point did anyone question that I had a bike and a bag with me. They just saw the hi-vis and made the assumption. After fifteen minutes I made my escape and caught my own train.)

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