Train-ed For This

| Working | April 13, 2017

My company’s CEO told this story at an employee’s meeting:

Before taking the job at my employer, he was working for a train company in Northeastern England. At one point while he is working there, the local football (soccer) team makes a major final for the first time in many years. Naturally, on the day of the match, the trains are packed with fans making their way down to London.

Shortly before one of the trains is scheduled to depart, the train driver calls in sick, leaving the company desperately calling around trying to find a replacement who is available. Come departure time, they are still trying to find a driver, and the full train of football fans is becoming increasingly frustrated that there seems to be no sign of action.

Eventually, the company finds an available driver — in fact, he is a passenger on that very train, waiting to go to London! So he gets out of his seat, fully kitted out in team colors, including face paint, walks up through the carriage, gets in the driver’s cabin, and the train takes off.

Shortly after this, the company got a call from the police ordering that the train be stopped — apparently a passenger had called them. The CEO had to explain to the police that the fan who had “hijacked” the train was in fact a driver registered with the company.

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