Trailer Failure

, , , | Right | January 17, 2019

(We are renovating our building, so the customer service department is now located in a trailer sitting in plain sight in the customer parking lot. We have been there for a week, and the following has already occurred several times. A customer gets out of car and heads towards the building. They stop to read the sign we have placed on the grass that says, “Customer service in trailer.” The customer turns around and looks at the trailer, then turns back toward the building and walks up to the — locked — door. They read the sign posted on the door, which says, “Pardon our dust while we remodel! Our customer service reps are ready to assist you in the trailer”. The customer then tries to open the door. They finally realize they have to come to the trailer. The customer walks into the trailer and says:)

Customer #1: “What’s going on?”


Customer #2: “This is pretty inconvenient.”


Customer #3: “Your sign needs to be more clear.”

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