| San Antonio, TX, USA | Friendly | July 8, 2016

(Every week one of the local theaters has a free showing of different anime. Usually they just show one or two discs but sometimes they will show an entire series over a few weeks.)

Host: “All right, everybody, we have coming up this next month [Serious Movie Title] and no talking on that one. [Two separate first discs] and those will be heckle nights so have fun. And the movie version of Air.”

(Air is an anime based on a dating sim game from a company infamous for tragic stories.)

Me: “What? No, I’m still not over the trauma from when you showed the full series.”

Friend: “Oh, don’t worry. The movie uses the good ending of the game.”

Me: “Really?”

(Three weeks later watching the movie version of Air. While only one person dies this time it’s made clear she is in an eternal cycle of reincarnation, getting progressively weaker and dying before she’s sixteen.)

Me: *yelling as credits roll* “You lied to me, [Friend]! You lied!”

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