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Trafficking Opinions Back And Forth

, , | Friendly | August 22, 2017

(I’ve just encountered the crosswalk at an intersection on my bicycle. Since this crosswalk is part of a bike path, it’s generally acceptable to ride through instead of dismounting. I start to cross, but notice that a car is turning into my crosswalk, so I stop to make sure the driver sees me. The driver stops as well. I start to go again, but the driver also goes, so I stop. The driver stops. I go. The driver goes. The driver and I both stop again. The light that the driver had is now red, and she has come to a complete stop in the crosswalk. She is blocking traffic and other cars are honking at her. She rolls down her window to tell me:)

Driver: “When you’re a cyclist, you’re a vehicle, and you need to dismount to use the crosswalk.”

Me: “And when you’re a driver, you can’t stop while you’re driving and block traffic just to give a bloody lecture!”

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