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Trafficking In Excuses

| Working | February 20, 2017

(We have recently hired a new cashier. She’s a bit bratty, but is a good worker. She also spends way too much time on her phone while working as well as occasionally coming in late. It is one of our busiest mornings yet, and we only have one cashier on duty, while the new hire is late. Desperate, I call her.)

Me: “[New Hire]? Where are you?! We’re getting slammed here. Why aren’t you at work yet?”

New Hire: “Yeah, there’s been a lot of traffic and there’s really nothing I can do.”

Me: *skeptical as I have heard people use that excuse before* “Really? Well, if you are in the middle of traffic, then send me a picture.”

New Hire: *hangs up*

Me: *gets new notification*

(It’s a selfie of her wearing VERY reflective sunglasses in the car and driving. At first, I thought that I’ll let her off the hook, but then I notice something and I call her back.)

New Hire: *rather smugly* “Told you I was in traffic.”

Me: “Yeah, I thought as much, but I noticed something about the picture you sent me.”

New Hire: *sounding less certain but still smug* “Oh, yeah? What’s that?”

Me: “How about the fact that we live in one of the most populous cities in America and that the background is a flat plain? And how about the fact that your sunglasses shows absolutely NO cars in front of you?”

New Hire: *hangs up*

(A few days later, I got a call from my boss stating that she had been fired, not only for ditching work but also for faking it, as well by coming in the back when we were busy and changing the work logs. She still occasionally drops in to glare and leave a bad report on me. They always get tossed.)

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