Toying With The Idea Of Saving This Child

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I had just finished shopping at a large mall and decided to treat myself by stopping at the food court for some food that wasn’t good for me at all. It was the beginning of the holiday season so the food court was busy but not packed. I got my food, sat at one of the tables, and enjoyed some people watching while I ate.

I noticed a mom sitting at a table with four kids: what looked like twin one-year-olds in a stroller, a four-year-old that looked like he was going to bolt at the first chance he got, and an eight-year-old girl. The mother had gotten her children’s meals from a popular fast food restaurant and was trying to keep the four-year-old focused on his food and feed the twins baby food from a jar. All I could think was, “You brave woman.”

Now, the eight-year-old appeared upset. She apparently got a boy’s toy in her meal. I sympathized; I always hated that when I was small. The mother, who had her hands full, told the girl she could go exchange the toy since they were sitting right in front of the restaurant.

The eight-year-old went up to the counter but was ignored by the cashier. Then customers started pushing in front of her and talking over her. She looked to her mom for help and I could see the mom trying to wrangle the other children so she could go help.

I am a very shy adult and I was an even shyer child. But I couldn’t watch this without doing something. I marched up to the girl and asked her if she wanted a girl’s toy. She nodded yes, doing her best not to cry. Now, I may be shy, but I’m a large woman with a voice that carries when I choose to use it. I marched up to the counter with the little girl and let loose.


Everyone stopped, and a startled cashier quickly handed the toy in exchange. I then walked the girl back to her table. The mom thanked me and the little girl gave me a hug. But the best part was when the little boy looked at me and said, “You have a superhero voice!”

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