Toying With The Charities

, , , , , | Hopeless | March 6, 2018

(It’s December. My mother is at the checkout in a supermarket.)

Cashier: “Hello! Today, and only today, you can have a free soft toy with your groceries! Would you like one?”

(The toys are adorable, small, and soft baby animals.)

Mother: “Yes. Can I have the baby penguin one, please?”

Cashier: “Of course. You’re going to make your grandson or your granddaughter very happy!”

Mother: “Actually, I do voluntary work for a charity. Every year, we give Christmas presents to children whose parents are too poor to afford it.”

Cashier: “That’s such a beautiful thing to do!”

(She looks very moved. The following week, my mother goes to the same supermarket. At the checkout, there’s the same cashier.)

Cashier: “Hello! You’re the lady who works for a charity, aren’t you?”

Mother: “Yes, I am.”

Cashier: “I told all my coworkers about you and we all agreed to do something for you. These are the soft toys nobody wanted. We would like you to give them to your wonderful charity!”

(She gave her a big bag full of cute toys. So, thanks to these lovely ladies, more children had toys for Christmas!)

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