Toy Glory

| MD, USA | Right | December 4, 2012

(I am assistant manager at an adult novelty item store. Two teenage girls approach the counter giggling to themselves. They sheepishly each place a particular kind of adult novelty item on the counter.)

Me: “Would you ladies also require batteries for your items?”

Girl #1: “Oh, these don’t come with batteries?”

Me: “No, it’s typically how the manufacturers of these products save money on production.”

Girl #1: *giggles* “No, thank you. I’m buying this for a friend.”

Girl #2: “Yes, me too. I’m also buying this for a friend. She won’t need batteries.”

(I conclude the purchase with the embarrassed young ladies and begin to assist the next customer, a woman in her late 20s/early 30s.)

Woman: “Yes, I will be needing batteries because I’m buying this for me!”

Me: “Can I please shake your hand?”

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  • Christina Veronica Larsson

    When I was 16, I asked my dad if there was a law against a person under 18 going into the local adult shop, saying “a friend at school” had been wondering. Two weeks later, my mother thrust a nondescript, black plastic bag into my hands, which contained a rectangular package. She rapidly told me washing instructions, and then walked away.

    My parents aren’t religious ^_^