Towtal Ironny

, , , , | Learning | July 20, 2018

(I’m an English teacher, and I love what I do, but occasionally I spell words wrong when I write on the board; I get letters switched around in the word, or leave letters out of words without noticing. I’m normally open with the students when they notice any errors, because I want them to be open to owning their own mistakes and fixing them. This occurs during a lesson with year seven, when we are talking about irony:)

Me: “Does anyone else want to share an example of irony they came up with?”

Student: “Miss, isn’t it like how you’re an English teacher, but you can’t spell?”

Me: *pause* “Yes. Yes, it is. Thanks for that.”

(It was a good example, but we moved on quickly, as I didn’t know how to respond with dignity.)

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