Tow-tal idiots

, , | Learning | January 24, 2017

(My community college Environmental Science class has taken a trip to one of our city’s water treatment plants. Their head of operations has been giving us a tour, and asks if we have any questions.)

Me: “Do you ever have security problems? People jumping the fence and trying to go swimming, stuff like that?”

Operator: “Nothing like that, but… Oh, yeah, [State University] is only a few blocks from here, and their stadium is on the closest side. When they’ve got a home game, people try and park in front of our security gate, and we have to call our tow truck to come move them. They don’t realize that we need to be here 24/7, and how if something goes wrong we need emergency services to get in fast. Plus, when my shift is over I just want to go home!”

Professor: “So, are we talking one or two cars, or…?”

Operator: “It depends. For major games, there can be three or four cars jammed in by the gate. They see one car get towed and just park in the empty spot. The towing company sure loves us!” *laughs* “That only happens once or twice a year, though. Most of the time, it’s pretty uneventful.”

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