Tow Me Away And Blow Me Away

, , , , , | Hopeless | May 30, 2016

(I’ve met up with a handful of fellow students to go home for Thanksgiving break. While traveling over the mountains, the car spins out of control and smashes into the side of the road. We’re lucky to be unhurt.)

Me: “Okay, everyone out, turn the car off, and let’s see how bad it is.”

(The car is totaled and we don’t dare even turn it on for heat. Keep in mind this is in the Montana mountains during November.)

Driver: “I have AAA, but…” *checks phone* “…we’ve got no reception.”

Other Passenger: “The last exit was half an hour back.”

(After half an hour, someone pulls over. We expect the driver to offer to call AAA when he gets service, but instead…)

Stranger: “Hop in. You can all fit.”

(The random stranger gives us a ride to his town, and when he finds out we’re still far away from our homes, takes us to a hotel in his hometown. He comes back from speaking with the receptionist.)

Stranger: “Two rooms?”

Driver: “Yeah. How much?”

Stranger: “I work nearby, so you got a discount. The car will be towed right across the street; you can walk there.” *hands us all business cards* “Call me if you need anything.”

(We never saw him again. I keep his card in my wallet to remind me of that astonishing act of kindness.)

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