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Tourist Un-attraction

Working | November 6, 2014

(I am viewing properties in an area I will be moving to for work. I am currently looking at a character stone cottage just off the High Street of a very tourist-ey town. I will be managing a tourist attraction so I’m looking for somewhere quiet and out-of-the way as I will want to relax out of work.)

Estate Agent: “So, as you can see, this is off the main thoroughfare, and it’s quiet.”

Me: “Yep. So far, so good.”

(Suddenly there is a flash through the window from outside. I go over to look and notice two well-heeled tourists – clutching brochures for the nearby castle – snapping pictures of the cottages, including the one I’m viewing. They notice me looking and wave apologetically, and mouth ‘sorry’ before continuing down the street, taking close-ups of house names, hanging baskets, window beds etc.)

Estate Agent: “Yeah, you’ll get a lot of that come the summer.”

Me: “So, it’s not out of the way at all?”

Estate Agent: “Well, it isn’t on the high street. Anyway it adds a certain prestige, don’t you think?”

Me: “Er, no.”

Estate Agent: “Wouldn’t you be proud to live in such a well-regarded street?”

Me: “Um, well-regarded is good, but since I’ll be working in a tourist attraction I don’t really think I want to live in one, too. If people come down here just to look in the summer, it’d be like being a goldfish in a bowl.”

Estate Agent: “Well, I think you’re mad. You’d have to be a f****** looney not to put an offer in at the price!”

Me: “Thanks for that. I think I’m done here.”

Estate Agent: “So, you want to make an offer then?”

Me: “Not really.”

Estate Agent: “Great! I’ll wait for you to get in touch with the office!”

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