Toughness Doesn’t Even Register

| Working | November 7, 2014

(I’m the manager on duty and have taken advantage of a slow period after a long rush to empty the drawer of the main register at the store’s service desk. There is only one customer ready to check out at the time. It should be noted that I’m a 5’ 3” woman. )

Cashier: “We’ll be right with you, ma’am. We’re just emptying the drawer.”

Me: “Shh. Don’t say that. I usually just say I’m fixing the register.”

Cashier: “Why?”

Me: “Because they could hear and ambush me on my way to the safe.”

Cashier: “Oh, you look tough. You could take—” *starts laughing*

Me: “You couldn’t even finish that with a straight face, could you?”

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