Touched By Her Touch

| Romantic | August 20, 2013

(Due to a surgery I had several years ago, I have a very long scar on my stomach. It really embarrasses me, especially when people freak out when they see it. I have been preparing my girlfriend for a few days to help work up my courage.)

Girlfriend: “So that’s your scar, huh?”

Me: “Yeah… It’s pretty gross.”

Girlfriend: “I think you mean awesome! Is it sensitive? Can I touch it?”

(My girlfriend runs her fingers along the scar gently as she giggles.)

Girlfriend: “This is so neat! I don’t have any cool scars or anything. It goes right around your belly button too. Why were you so nervous about this? It’s totally cool!”

Me: “Honestly, I have no idea…”

Girlfriend: “Are you kidding?! It looks like you were mauled by a polar bear and lived!”

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