Totally Uwabaki-Wacky

, , , , | Right | January 26, 2018

(This weirdness happens after the customer before this woman has purchased a large number of flip-flops.)

Customer: *leans conspiratorially toward me and whispers* “What do you think she was buying all those shoes for?”

Me: “Well, when I was in Japan for college, I know it was a practice to offer ‘house-shoes’ to guests so they could remove their ‘outside-shoes’ and keep from tracking dirt on the carpets. Maybe she wants to do something like that. I do it, too, as a matter of fact.”

Customer: “Oh! I see! That’s a good idea!”

(I’m happy I might have introduced her to a bit of new cultural knowledge, until…)

Customer: “Yes, that’s a very Oriental thing to do. It sounds like something they’d do in California. You know, I heard it’s illegal for the Orientals to wear shoes inside out there, to protect the hardwood floors!”

(I answered that I wasn’t aware of any such laws either in California or in Japan, and rushed her out of my till. I’m still trying to decide if she had dementia or was just trying to sound smarter than she obviously was. Seriously… “Orientals?”)

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