Totally Potty For Each Other

| Romantic | March 6, 2015

(My girlfriend and I had met for the first time earlier in the day, though we had met online months before and connected easily through mutual interests, including Harry Potter. Our first date ends with us making out on the beach at midnight (though we’re not officially dating yet). We stop kissing briefly and have this conversation:)

Me: “Well, I guess we’re a thing now, aren’t we?”

Her: “Oh, no you don’t, mister; I want you to ask me properly to be your girlfriend!”

Me: “No, I won’t ask you out in a normal fashion!”

(I hold her at arm’s length and look her in the eyes.)

Me: “Will you be the Hermione to my Ron?”

Her: *giggles* “Oh, my god, YES!”

(Cue more smooching…)

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