Totally Over The Leftovers

| Working | July 22, 2015

(I work in the deli section of my store. At 8 pm, we remove all the unsold food from our hot case and wing bar to throw it out. We have dumped all that food into a cardboard box which is sitting on a cart behind the counter but haven’t thrown it out yet. Ten minutes later, I see two cashiers from the front end picking through the old wings at the top of the pile of old food and putting them in to-go boxes.)

Me: “You don’t want those.”

Cashier #1: “Yeah, we do.”

Cashier #2: “They look like they’re still good to me.”

Me: “That’s gross. They’re all hard and crusty and old.”

Cashier #1: “That’s what she said!”

Me: *shuddering* “God, I hope she didn’t say that!”

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