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Totally Married To The Idea

| Romantic | January 25, 2016

(I grew up with a family that is both very conservative and but is accepting of modern equality. For example premarital sex is still extremely frowned upon, however homosexual relationships are okay. I am chatting with a friend online.)

Friend: “There’s something very contradicting about what you’ve been saying.”

Me: “What?”

Friend: “So premarital sex is not okay?”

Me: “Nope, it’s not.”

Friend: “But being gay is okay?”

Me: “Yes.”

Friend: “But many places don’t let them get married, so they’re either going to have to have premarital sex or don’t have sex.”

Me: “If law prevents legal marriage, a private marriage ceremony should still be performed with the same commitment expectations of a legal marriage.”

Friend: “So it’s still premarital sex?”

Me: “Legally premarital, unfortunately. But we need to keep fighting for rights until it becomes legally accepted. But if a couple is legally able to get married, yet still have premarital sex, that’s frowned on.”

Friend: “But what if they aren’t getting legally married because they are still closeted?”

Me: “That… well that’s understandable. But it is encouraged that they come out, especially if they are living somewhere where it’s legal. Being outcast for being gay should be less of a problem in those areas. But we do understand if they still have problems. But the main issue for frowning on premarital sex is commitment issues. Sex should be sacred to two people who are partners for life; it’s not to play around with. Generally, people who aren’t getting married aren’t committed enough.”

Friend: “Wow, you put a lot of thought into this…”

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