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Totally Lost It

, , , | Friendly | May 17, 2014

(There has been long term construction on the R line from Hurricane Sandy for at least four months at this point, but many people are still confused as to how they are supposed to get into Manhattan. I overhear a woman who sounded confused about which side of the track she needs and the person she is talking to doesn’t sound sure.)

Woman #1: *normal voice* “Who knows what’s going on with this train these days anyway…”

Woman #2: “Yeah, sorry. I don’t know.” *walks away*

Me: “Excuse me, where are you trying to go?”

Woman #1: *suddenly shrill and agitated* “WHAT?!”

Me:  *taken aback* “Uh. Sorry to interrupt. It’s just—”

Woman #1: “WHAT?!”

Me: “You sounded like you were asking for directions—”

Woman #1: “WHAT?! Why are you harassing me?”

Me: “Okay, sorry. You sounded lost; I just wanted to help—”

Woman #1: *stepping closer to me and getting more in my face* “What?! Why don’t you stop harassing me. I didn’t ask you!”

Me: “Okay. Stay lost, then.”

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