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Totally InDane, Part 2

, , , | Right | October 8, 2020

I’m working at the checkout line in the largest store in my town. It’s the tourist season, so we get a lot of English-speaking customers.

Me: *In Danish* “Hello there!”

The customer looks away and doesn’t answer.

Me: *In Danish* “Do you have a member’s card?”

The customer continues to ignore me. I’m now ringing up their items silently.

Me: *Switches to English* “So, your total comes to [amount].”

Customer: *In perfect Danish* “Why do you speak English to me? That’s really rude!”

Me: *Switching back to Danish* “Sorry, I thought you didn’t speak Danish when you ignored me like that before.”

Customer: “I do! I really do!”

The customer pays for his stuff, takes his receipt, and turns back to me.

Customer: “You shouldn’t speak English to anyone. You work in Denmark!”

Me: “But… How will I then communicate with… Forget it. Have a nice day!”

Totally InDane

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