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Totally Estúpido! Part 27

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I am Hispanic and was born and raised in Texas. I am working the checkout lanes with my manager, who is also Hispanic. I am scanning a customer’s items when our super-old checkout gives me a static shock. I react quickly and shout a quick little Spanish word I learned from my grandmother that is used whenever she stubs her toe.

Almost immediately, my customer bellows at the top of his voice:

Customer: “MANAGERRRRR!”

Me: “I can call a manager for you, sir; there is no need to raise your voice.”

Customer: “MANAGERRRRR!”

My manager, who is one lane over, tries to call out over this customer’s wailing.

Manager: “Sir! I am a manager! How can I help you?!”

Customer: “You are a manager? No, no. I need a real manager! I don’t want anyone here speaking Spanish in my presence! This is America!

My manager immediately looks at me and starts speaking to me in loud Spanish.

Me: “Oh, si! Si!”

My manager continues throwing copious amounts of Spanish at me, and I keep nodding and responding with, “Si! Si!”

Customer: “Are you trying to piss me off?!”

Manager: *Switching to English* “Well, considering you’re a racist piece of s***, I would be remiss as a human if I wasn’t trying to piss you off.”

Customer: “I’m going to report you both to the store manager!”

The customer goes over to our customer service desk to complain about us. The customer my manager was serving is smiling at both of us.

Manager’s Customer: “That was awesome!”

Manager: “You know what’s better? I can’t actually speak any Spanish.”

Manager’s Customer: “But you just spoke Spanish!”

Manager: “I was quoting my Abuela’s salsa recipe.”

Me: “And you know what’s even better? I can’t speak any Spanish either. I was just nodding and going, ‘Si, Si!'”

The manager’s customer is laughing at this point.

Manager: “But you know what’s best of all?”

Manager’s Customer: “Oh, lord, tell me!”

Manager: “That customer has gone to the customer service desk to complain to the store manager… who is Colombian.”

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