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Totally Estúpido! Part 22

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I get a call through the Spanish line at my travel insurance call center. I say the standard greeting in Spanish.

Caller: “What? What did you say? Am I calling Mexico?!”

Me: *Switching to English* “Sorry, sir, you’ve come through on the Spanish line. No biggie, though; we can continue the call in English if you would prefer.”

Caller: “You were speaking Spanish?”

Me: “Yes, sir, but like I said, I can continue in English if you—”

Caller: “Why were you speaking Spanish?”

Me: “Because you came through on the Spanish line.”

Caller: “But why do you have a Spanish line?”

Me: “So we can best serve our customers who speak Spanish.”

Caller: “But you’re a travel insurance company?”

Me: “Yes, sir.”

Caller: “But that makes no sense. It’s because of all the Spanish speakers that people like me need insurance! Why would they be calling you?”


Me: “Sir… do you need to discuss your travel insurance?”

Caller: “Not with your company! You’ll sell me to a drug cartel!” *Click*

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