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Totally Estúpido! Part 12

, , , , | Right | August 5, 2020

I have been working at my local car dealership for about two weeks as a cashier. I am eighteen and a high school graduate, but my small size makes me appear much younger — maybe around twelve. On this particular day, a pair of customers consisting of a middle-aged Caucasian woman and a younger Hispanic gentleman approaches my counter. It should be noted that I took three years of Spanish in school.

Me: “Hi there! Your total is just going to be [amount] today.”

I smile. The young man hands me his credit card, and his companion starts speaking to him as I process the transaction.

Woman: *In Spanish* “Wow… she’s just a little girl! I can’t believe places like these are hiring children these days. They must be really understaffed. That child should be in school, not working some dead-end job like this.”

The man doesn’t reply but looks slightly uncomfortable. I finish ringing them up wordlessly and wish them a good afternoon as they depart, the man smiling gratefully and the woman scowling. After they have left, I tell my coworker what has transpired.

Coworker: “They really said that?”

Me: “Yup. I understood every word; I took three years of Spanish in high school.”

Coworker: *Laughing* “Wow! If they’d known you spoke Spanish, I’m sure she never would have said something like that.”

Other Coworker: *Just walking in* “Next time, look them dead in the eyes and say, in Spanish, ‘Thanks for bringing your car into [Shop] to be serviced today. Enjoy the rest of your afternoon!'”

While I hope this was only a one-time occurrence, at least now I have a backup plan if it isn’t!

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