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Totally Dory-ble, Part 2

, , , , | Related | February 1, 2013

(My family are all at Disneyland Paris on holiday. We all love Disney movies, and my youngest brother is currently obsessed with “Finding Nemo.” He is about three years old.)

Sister: “Let’s go on ‘It’s A Small World’!”

(“It’s A Small World” is a boat ride with water. My youngest brother is entranced by the singing dolls, but then he notices the water. He looks at it for a moment. Then he looks at the stuffed Nemo plushie he’s holding.)

Brother: “Nemo, go home!”

(He tries to throw Nemo out of the boat.)

Everyone: “NO!”

(My mum grabs the toy and stops him.)

Brother: “But all drains lead to the sea!”

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