Totally (Do)Nuts

| Romantic | November 4, 2013

(My husband and I are in bed, about to go to sleep, and are discussing the use of food in bed. We’ve been married seven years.)

Husband: “I’d eat donuts off of you.”

Me: “I’d eat donuts off of ANYTHING.”

(There is a quiet pause.)

Husband: “A dead whale?”

Me: “So what’s weird is that when I said I’d eat donuts off of anything, I was actually picturing myself eating them off of a dead whale.”

Husband: “What about seaweed?”

(The discussion devolves into us talking about what sea creatures we’d eat donuts off of.)

Me: “A lionfish?”

Husband: “Nothing beats both of us thinking about eating them off a dead whale simultaneously.”

Me: “I guess we were meant to be together.”

Husband: “Like we didn’t know before?”

Me: “The dead whale proves it!”

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