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Totally Dis-Ordered

| Working | October 27, 2012

Me: “Hi, I’d like a double cheeseburger combo, plain, with a chocolate milkshake instead of a drink.”

Cashier: “Alright. Would you like cheese on that burger?”

Me: “Yes. I’d like a double cheeseburger, plain.”

Cashier: “What toppings?”

Me: “None. Plain, please.”

Cashier: “And would you like to make that a combo?”

Me: “…Yes. Double cheeseburger, combo, plain, with a milkshake.”

Cashier: “And what kind of drink would you like?”

Me: “…A milkshake.”

Cashier: “What flavor?”

Me: *sighing* “Chocolate.”

(At this point, I notice he has put a single cheeseburger instead of a double.)

Me: “Hey, sorry, but I asked for a double cheese burger.”

Cashier: *throws his hands up* “Well, maybe you should have been more clear about what you wanted!”

(Needless to say, they got my order wrong!)

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