Tornado 1, Whiny Caller 0

| | Right | July 26, 2008

(This happened during the Midwest’s massive flooding in June, 2008.)

Me: “Thank you for calling [store]. I’m sorry, but—”

Caller: “Can you get me the price of a digital camera?”

Me: “Sir, I am sorry but we are currently in a code black.”

Caller: “What is that?”

Me: “That is where the managers are telling the employees and the customers to move to the center of the store due to violent weather.”

Caller: “But could you just look for me quick?”

Me: “Sorry, but I have to get to the back of the store because there is a tornado coming!”

Caller: “You people are so selfish. I am going to call your district manager and—”

Me: *hangs up and runs for my life*

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  • Samantha Peterson Hartman

    We had a tornado warning last fall at my work. We had just closed all the registers and sent people to the back when this woman comes up “isn’t someone going to check me out?” nope, not right now. She stood by our jewelry counter until someone made her go to the back with everyone else, and according to my coworkers that we’re near her, spent the entire time trying to get someone to check her out so she could leave.

  • Louise Tang

    Why did he answer the phone in the first place if his life was in danger?