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Top 25 Stories Of 2022 So Far!

| Right | July 1, 2022

Dear readers,

Can you believe we’re at the halfway mark of 2022 already? It seems like only yesterday we were learning yet another letter in the Greek alphabet and being cautiously optimistic that 2022 would be better than the last couple of years. Well, even though 2022 might not exactly be what the optimists were hoping for, we were still blessed with plenty of great stories from our amazing readers.

We’d like to share the stories you loved the most by rounding up the top twenty-five performing stories of the year so far!


Secretaries Run The World – We would absolutely watch a movie made out of this story.

Taking Notes To Use This One In The Future – This story is good. [Customer #2] pushes it into greatness.

And Now You Get No Cokes! – The ending of this one literally made me cheer out loud when I edited it.

This Is A Bigotry-Free Zone – Hits from the comments: “Wow, the garbage took itself out.”

Fighting Creepy With Crazy – Sometimes the only way to keep the creeps away is to freak them the h*** out.

Accidentally Giving Her An Earful – Hits from the comments: “I’ve heard of having one’s ear talked off, but that’s absurd.”

The Real Inspiration For That Netflix Show – To clear up the confusion in the comments, the show referenced in the title is Sex Education. It’s great (but graphic, so proceed with caution)!

It’s All Fun And Games Until Mom Finds Out – It’s too bad more mothers in our stories aren’t like this one.

You Can Only Push People So Far – Check out the author’s reply in the comments of this story for even more juicy karmic goodness!

Her Thinking She Can Sue You Is A True Final Fantasy – Makes you wish people would threaten to put you out of business more often!

The Adventures Of Boob-erMan! – It’s sad that his heroism was necessary, but what a legend!

Flying High On Karma Clouds – Isn’t it wild what happens when you don’t behave like a tremendous a**hole?

There’s No Rule That Says You Can’t Cut Off Family – It hurts, but often, draining the toxicity from your life is the best choice.

The Scottish Aren’t Known For Being Sheepish – Please, nobody tell my mother about this festival.

Make Way For Someone Who Gives A Darn – Ahh, a little good Karma to keep things in balance.

Currently Seeking Translators Fluent In Geek – If you understood as little of this discussion as we did, check out some of the helpful information in the comments!

Creeping You Out Will Get The Creeper Out – SATISFYING ENDING! SATISFYING ENDING!

All This… Over A Purse?! – Lady, you’re not even shopping here now!

The Manager Isn’t Always Right, Either – This is why you speak up when you see injustice!

Someone’s In Very Hot Water – When you don’t look out for your employees, sometimes they quit. But they could also, you know, die.

Scared Straight – Hits from the comments: “Some problems require a hand up, some require a boot up.”

Please Keep Your Spooky Action At A Distance – Ah, shoot. Another story I gotta do research to fully understand (but not to enjoy it!)

Don’t Toy With Karma – When you’re already in trouble, it’s best to put down the shovel.

That’s Just Uncanny – What a fascinating superpower.

That Dispatcher’s As Cold As The Weather – If you’re not a patient person… do not become a dispatcher.


We hope you enjoyed this Halfway-Through-2022-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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