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Took That Shuttle To Crazy Town

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(I don’t have a car and my family lives next to an airport. When I am going to school, I often use an airport shuttle to get to and from my house in between breaks to save my parents time. My mom mentions paying for a shuttle I’ve never used, but she often gets confused so I am calling to make a reservation.)

Me: “Hi.”

Woman: “What can I help you with?”

Me: “I’m not sure, but I think I have a credit from before. If not, I can pay ,but I just want to—”

Woman: “Okay. Well, do you actually have your confirmation number?”

Me: “I don’t think—”

Woman: “Or a phone number?”

Me: “I’m not sure if my mom used my phone number or hers but here’s mine: [number].”

Woman: “Okay, but do you actually have a date?”

Me: “I thought you could use my phone number?”

Woman: *starting to use a baby voice* Ma’am, I am just trying to find your reservation but I don’t have your confirmation number.”

Me: “I know I don’t have all the information you want, but there’s no reason for you to be so sarcastic. I’m giving you the alternate information you asked for.”

Woman: *higher-pitched baby voice* “I don’t know what you mean? I’m just trying to help you.”

Me: “What’s your name?”

Woman: *in racist accent* “Juan. Pablo. Tim.”

Me: “What is your name?”

Woman: “Oscar the Grouch.”

Me: “When do you stop working? I really don’t want to talk to you anymore and want to call back later and talk to someone else.”

(I now realize that could sound like I wanted to wait for her in the parking lot, but spending any time near her is the furthest thing from my mind.)

Woman: “I’m just trying to help you, ma’am.”

Me: “Can you just check to see if I have a credit?”

Woman: “You didn’t give me the date.”

Me: “It would be my most recent trip.”

Woman: *voice suddenly becoming conversational* “Oh, you know. This system is so crappy and old I just get frustrated.”

Me: “Why were you angry?”

Woman: “Oh, well, people lie all the time to get free rides. I wasn’t even looking any of your information up. Honestly, I was just trying to make you go away.”

Me: “…”

Woman: “What was the phone number again?”

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