Took it Too Far And Hard

| Working | August 2, 2017

(For the past seven years I have worked in the same local ice cream shop, where I am now the assistant manager and am good friends with the manager. Today, it being the end of Fourth of July weekend, we have run out of many popular ice cream flavors and because of this have to bring some odd flavors up from our sub zero freezers downstairs. When we do this the ice creams need quite a while to thaw, as they are pretty much rock solid. Because some of these ice creams have to go right in to be scooped, the following exchange happens.)

Manager: “Jesus Christ, why is this ice cream so hard?!”

Me: “Well, you know, [Manager], life is hard.”

Manager: “Yeah, you know what, [My Name]? Lots of things are hard! Ice cream is hard. Cookies are hard. D***s are hard!”

(For a second we both just froze and then completely lost it. Two other employees had to finish the order we were working on because we were laughing too hard.)

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