Took A Leap Of Faith

| Related | October 23, 2014

(I’m waiting for my brother to finish talking with his friend so we can walk home, when he finally finishes he runs over he speaks excitedly. This happens in late February.)

Brother: “You’ll never believe this! I got a date.”

Me: “You’re right; I don’t believe you. Who’s the unlucky girl?”

Brother: *ignoring my insults* “Oh it’s [Girl my brother has a crush on even though she bullies everyone]. She says to meet her at [Movie Place] on the 30th! I can’t wait!”

Me: “…how many days are in February?”

Brother: “I don’t know, like 29? Ohhh, darn.”

Me: “This is so going on the Internet.”

Brother: “You wouldn’t!”

(Yes, I would.)

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