Too Much Time Online Can Leave You In A Vegetative State

| Related | June 24, 2013

(My mom and I are cooking, while my grandma is in the other room talking to her brother on the phone. My grandma doesn’t have a computer, and doesn’t know much about them.)

Grandma: “I would love to see those family photos sometime.”

(My great-uncle tells her that he can email the pictures.)

Grandma: “Well, I don’t have an email address.”

Mom: “He can send them to me, and I’ll show them to you. I’ll write down my email address.”

(My mom writes down her email address quickly and rather messily, and brings it to my grandma.)

Grandma: “You can send the pictures to my daughter’s email. It’s @hotmail.corn.”

Mom: “Wait, that’s not it.”

Me: “…and did you just say .corn?”

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