Too Much Lemonade Will Make You Sour

, , | Right | December 4, 2020

I work at a restaurant. One day, I get a family of four. Right from the get-go, they are pretty unfriendly. Whatever. It just means I’ll keep our conversation to just asking what they need.

One of the adults orders a lemonade; we hand squeeze the lemon juice each morning and make it fresh, so it’s $3.99 for an order, but refills are free. She guzzles down four glasses of it while she’s there. Since the bartender has to pour the drinks, it’s pretty frustrating.

She also orders a kids’ meal, which is absolutely okay because if you don’t feel like eating much, it’s a perfect size. I’m thankful corporate doesn’t come down hard on kids’ meals, because honestly, what difference does it make?

Anyway, they’re rude when they speak, and they give me the cold shoulder the rest of the time. I drop off their check and go make sure the rest of my tables are okay. The lady stops me from going to the back to get something.

Lady: “I thought drinks with the kids’ meal were free?”

Me: “Yes, they’re free if you’re a kid under the age of ten.”

Because a kid under the age of ten isn’t going to drink four f****** glasses.

Lady: “But I always get them for free with my kids take out order!”

Me: “Yes, because we are unable to verify that it’s not going to kids.”

Luckily, my manager stepped up and confirmed what I had just said. They paid and left. They left less than 10% tip, but that’s okay because I no longer had to deal with them. Also, when I thanked them for coming in and told them to have a nice day, they couldn’t even bother to respond.

It must suck to be that hateful.

Source: Reddit (Credit: breadpool, Original Story)

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