Too Much Food, Not Enough Thought

| Friendly | July 28, 2014

(A group of friends have all gathered at my place for a barbecue. We have all prepared food and side dishes. The group’s ages range from 24-32. The 24-year-old grabs a plate and serves himself heaps of all the unhealthiest stuff on the buffet, from cheesy pastas to red meats, and doesn’t even look at the salad. One of the older friends in the group approaches him as he is chowing down on his plate of carbohydrates.)

Older Friend: “You should be careful, you know.”

Younger Friend: “Why’s that?”

Older Friend: “You’re 24 now, so your body and metabolism can handle all that junk. But in six more years, when you’re 30, you won’t be able to enjoy eating like a pig and not suffering the consequences.”

(The younger friend takes his fork and brings a large mouthful of dripping food close to his mouth, and without taking his eyes away from the older friend, deadpans:)

Younger Friend: “All I heard was ‘six more years.'” *eats the huge mouthful*

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