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Too Late To Dilate It Down

| Learning | May 11, 2014

(I am in a freshman biology class in a very conservative school. We are studying reproduction and are watching a video on pregnancy that follows three different couples throughout pregnancy.)

Teacher: “Now I know most of you are squeamish about childbirth, but don’t worry. There is no nudity though it will show diagrams of reproductive systems.

(The movie proceeds as expected until we get to the very end and we are at the part where the last lady is in the hospital giving birth. The movie is showing lots of diagrams, the lady’s face, the husband, and the doctors. All of the sudden, the camera switches to the baby crowning.)

Whole Class: “UGH!” *everyone either turns away or covers their eyes*

Teacher: *rushing over to cover the screen* “I am so sorry! I forgot about that part!”

(She covers the screen for a minute.)

Teacher: “Okay. I rhink that part is over.”

(Almost the second she drops her hands the camera goes back to the baby coming out.)

Whole Class: “Ahhh!” *cover their eyes and look away*

Teacher: “You know what? I think we are done with this for today.”

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