Too Late For Her To Save Face

, , , , | Working | September 3, 2018

(My new store manager is a b****. She belittles us in front of customers — “Did you really think that was the smartest choice, or just the easiest one for you?” — she ignores us when she doesn’t want to answer a question, and she seems to go out of her way to find reasons to write us up. I’m at home, a few hours before my shift starts, when my phone rings. It’s the store number.)

Me: “Hello?”

Manager: “Where are you?”

Me: “Home.”

Manager: “And why aren’t you here?”

Me: “Well, I don’t start until 5:00, and it’s 1:30.”

Manager: “No. You’re scheduled at 1:00 today.”

Me: “I’m scheduled at 1:00 tomorrow, but 5:00 today.”

Manager: “Wrong.”

(There is an awkward twenty seconds of silence.)

Manager: “You’re going to get written up.”

Me: “I work at 5:00 today.”

Manager: “I just told you it was 1:00.”

Me: “And I’m looking at the photo I took of the schedule the day it was posted. It says 5:00 Monday, 1:00 Tuesday.”

Manager: “So, you do know how to read a schedule!”

Me: “It’s Monday.”

(Another twenty seconds of silence.)

Manager: “Don’t be late.” *hangs up*

(When I arrived at work — at 4:55 — my manager was sitting by the time clock. As soon as I walked in, she rolled her eyes and stormed out. Later, I found out that she had already written me up for tardiness and was planning on using it if I was even one minute late that day.)

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