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Too Busy To Care

| Working | April 17, 2017

(I’ve spent almost all day running errands to get ready for vacation and the last thing I need and want to do is get a manicure and pedicure. The first two salons I go to have over hour-long waits so I find another salon that’s hidden in a new shopping center, I almost didn’t see it. There’s three technicians, all with customers, but I am the only other person there so I decide I will just wait. One technician that I can only assume was the owner of the salon comes up to me as I am patiently waiting.)

Owner: “Everyone’s busy so can you come back later?”

Me: *a bit confused* “Excuse me?”

Owner: “Everyone’s busy so come back later.”

Me: *getting up and putting away the polish I had already picked out* “Okay, then.”

Owner: “You’ll come back later?”

(I didn’t bother saying anything. I just left and went to a different salon the next day.)

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