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(We are travelling from Glasgow to Aberdeen to visit family. My mum is driving and swears she knows the journey. Knowing she isn’t too good with direction, I decide to print them off and use our TomTom. It doesn’t start well, but she refuses to listen, so my dad, my brother, and I just decide to let her handle it alone. We all manage to doze off for an hour and wake up in a city only I have ever been to.)

Dad: “Where the h*** are we? And where’s the nav?”

Mum: “It kept shouting at me that I was going the wrong way. I think it’s broken.”

Dad: “Well, judging by where we are, I think it was right.”

Mum: “No, I know exactly where we are: ABERDEEN!”

(She enters a roundabout and takes the fourth exit.)

Mum: *pointing* “Oh, look at that!”

Me: “Mum, that’s Carlisle Castle. We’re in England.”

(Somehow she managed to drive south and didn’t realise when all signs saying “Edinburgh” disappeared. She still refuses to listen and starts to phone our relatives for help. After a full day of driving around Carlisle and the wider area, she accidentally ends up on the motorway and…)

Mum: “Oh, look, ‘Welcome to Scotland.’ I guess we were in England.”


(We never made it to Aberdeen that weekend. My dad does the driving now, with my mum giving ridiculous directions the whole time.)

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