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I order a sandwich that normally came with tomatoes, but I ask for them to be removed. However, once I get my meal and unwrap the sandwich, I find that it has tomato slices stacked on it and falling out of it. I check my receipt and confirm that it lists tomatoes to be removed, and then I take it back to the front. There is a manager manning the registers now.

Manager: “Hello. Is everything all right?”

Me: “No. I asked for tomatoes to be removed from my sandwich, but I’ve been given extra tomatoes, instead.”

The manager checked the receipt and the sandwich and immediately promised to make me a new one. As he turned to go to the kitchen, he and I spotted a pair of teenage employees peering out from the kitchen area, grinning. They lost their grins when the manager made eye contact, and they quickly hurried away.

I got my new sandwich, but due to the extra wait, I had to take it with me to eat on the walk back to my office. Once I got outside, I saw both of the teenagers waiting at the bus stop. Both of them glared at me as I passed, so I’m given to assume that they didn’t just make a mistake, but maybe gave me extra tomatoes as a prank, which their manager did not find as funny as they did.

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