Toiling In The Doilies

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I’m stocking an endcap and I’m approached by a customer.

Customer: “Doily string.”

I try very hard to not reply with a random craft item.

Me: “Beg pardon?”

Customer: “Doily string.”

I just look confused.

Customer: *Exasperated* “You know, string you make doilies with!”

The customer makes vague hand motions in the air.

Me: “Oh! You’re looking for crochet cotton!”

Customer:No! I said doily string!

Me: “No problem. Let me show you where we keep our crochet cotton.”

We walk over.

Me: “Here is where we keep all of our crochet cotton, in three sizes and many colors.”

He grabs the biggest package we carry and shoves it in my face.

Customer: “DOILY. STRING!”

The label that is now three inches from my nose says, in big letters, “Crochet Cotton.” As the guest is stomping towards the register bay, I say:

Me: “Have a creative day!”

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