Today Is A Grade-D-Day

| Learning | February 7, 2016

Teacher: “Question two: What event in December of 1942 is described when the book says ‘bleached bodies lying on the French coast’?”

(The teacher later refined the question to June of 1942 after the class established that she was thinking of Pearl Harbor. Afterwards…)

Teacher: “The answer to question two is D-Day.”

(I am suspicious, but don’t say anything until I have evidence. I ask multiple teachers that day, who confirm my knowledge that D-Day is June 6, 1944. The next day, after class:)

Me: “[Teacher], I think you were wrong about D-Day being in 1942.”

Teacher: “Well, let’s check, shall we?” *pulls out iPhone* “Siri, when was D-Day?”

Siri: “June 6, 1944”

Teacher: “All right, then…”

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