Today, All My Questions Shall Be Stupid

| | Right | December 17, 2007

Customer: “What size is this rug?”

Me, reading label: “54” x 72″.”

Customer: “So how big is that?”

Me: “In centimetres? It’s…”

Customer: “No, in inches.”

Me: “It’s 54 inches x 72 inches.”

Customer: “OK. And what colour is it?”

Me: “Lilac.”

Customer: “Right…and would it look good in my lounge?”

Me: “I don’t know…I’ve never seen your lounge.”

Customer: “No, I guess you haven’t. Do you think I have room for it?”

Me: ?@#!

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  • shileka

    If we roll it up i’m sure it’ll fit through your ear into your empty skull