To Sum It Up, They Are At Odds

| Related | April 12, 2014

(I teach pre-calculus, and I’m trying to explain to my granny what I teach.)

Granny: “Are there any girls in your class?”

Me: “Yes… Why wouldn’t there be?”

Granny: “Why do girls need math, anyway?”

Me: “Um… For the same reason the boys do: so they can go to college and get a good job.”

Granny: “Can the girls keep up with the boys in the class?”

Me: “Yes! Most of the time the girls get higher grades than the boys because they check their work better before they turn it in.”

Granny: “But girls can’t do that kind of hard math.”

Me: “Granny, I’m a girl, and I’m teaching ‘that kind of hard math!'”

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