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To Protect The Customers From Themselves

, , , | Right | July 23, 2021

A staff member phones to say a customer is very unhappy they have received the wrong kitchen.

Me: “Hello, sir. I believe you are unhappy with your kitchen delivery?”

The customer immediately starts shouting, ranting and raving, and complaining that he’s not got the kitchen he ordered, he has waited many weeks for, this is shocking service, etc. This goes on for five minutes without me getting a word in.

Eventually, I manage to interrupt and ask the following questions.

Me: “Can you advise which kitchen you ordered, please?”

Customer: “White gloss.”

Me: “And what kitchen do you have, sir?”

Customer: “I don’t know; it’s blue.”

Me: “We don’t sell a blue kitchen, sir. Is it the protective film on the doors you are seeing?”

The customer goes quiet and then hangs up the phone.

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