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To Get Ahead, Aim For The Head

| Romantic | July 30, 2012

(We’re on the train home. I’m standing close to my boyfriend because I can’t balance properly and don’t want to fall. It’s a comfortable silence until he suddenly speaks.)

Boyfriend: “I’d eat you if we were stranded on an island without food. Just thought I’d let you know.”

Me: “Oh. Um. Okay. That was random. I would eat you too, I think.”

Boyfriend: *pause* “No, you wouldn’t. You’d be running away. And you run slowly.”

Me: “No! Okay. Maybe. No, I’ll run off to find coconuts and then I’ll pelt them at your head.”

Boyfriend: “Yeah… if you could climb trees without sliding down.”

Me: “I’ll find fish and fling them at your head!”

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