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To Be Fair, I Still Think 1980 Was Twenty Years Ago

, , , | Working | November 13, 2021

My partner subscribes to a whisky club that sends him a bottle of whisky every month. I am often at the post office for business, so I am usually the one to collect it. The workers know me and skip the formality of asking me for ID. One month, he collects it himself and the following craziness ensues.

Worker: “I need to see your ID.”

My partner, who looks very much like a middle-aged man, hands over his driver’s license which shows that he was born in August of 1980.

Worker: “I can’t let you have this. You have to be twenty-one and it’s not August.”

I have no idea why he would need to be twenty-one because eighteen is the legal drinking age here, but that is beside the point. It’s 2021 and the worker is clearly having a bad maths moment.

Partner: *Dumbfounded* “I was born in 1980.”

Worker: *Getting irritated* “YES, and I said that it’s not yet August. You need to be twenty-one for me to release this package to you.”

Partner: “I’m forty.”

Worker: *Pauses* “FINE.”

She handed him the parcel with no apology and no awkward laugh or joke about not having her morning coffee.

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