Tire Tire, Cars On Fire

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(I am second in line at a tire shop. The customer in front of me is trying to buy another set of the exact same tires currently on their vehicle.)

Mechanic: “Those tires will be [price], but we do not have any in stock; we can order them if you want.”

Customer: “I need them today; I am taking my family on vacation tomorrow morning.”

Mechanic: “Our other store in [City 50 miles away] has eight in stock if you need them today.”

Customer: “Good. I want those, then.”

Mechanic: “Do you want me to call them and see if they can fit you in?”

Customer: “I don’t want to drive that far. You go get the tires, bring them back, and put them on.”

Mechanic: “First, we are fully booked for the next two days, and second, we don’t share inventory with our other stores. You have to go there yourself. I can call if you want.”

(The mechanic and customer argue for a while. Then, the customer leaves the line and goes to argue with their family members in the waiting area. I walk up to the service desk, tell them I have an appointment, tell them my name, and give them my keys. The customer sees this and storms up to the counter.)

Customer: “That guy was behind me in line. How come he gets his car worked on?”

Mechanic: “He made an appointment several days ago. Either make an appointment, go to the other store, or leave.”

Customer: “My tires are unsafe. If we all die in an accident, you will be liable and we will sue you.”

Mechanic: “How are you going to sue if you are dead?”

(The customer screams profanities at the mechanic, knocks over a small display of wiper blades, and slams the door on the way out.)

Mechanic: “Can you wait a minute? I need to put a note in the computer that both that customer and the VIN of his vehicle are permanently banned from the store.”

Me: “Fine by me.”

Mechanic: “Your vehicle will be the next into the shop. Have a soda out of the vending machine for being so patient.”

(The mechanic took a dollar bill out of the machine and handed it to me, then cleaned up the display. I kept thinking, “Who waits until the last minute to get new tires and then refuses to drive to the next town over if they are that unsafe?”)

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