Tire-ing Of Your Stupidity

| Working | February 24, 2015

(I have gone to get my tires ‘trimmed,’ which is to cut off the extra rubber to make them more round.)

Mechanic: *takes a tire off the vehicle, balances it, trims it, then places it back on the vehicle*

Me: *walks over to supervisor* “Hey, your guy isn’t doing that job right.”

Supervisor: “What’s he doing?”

Me: “He’s balancing the tire before trimming it, instead of after.”

Supervisor: “What difference does that make?”

Dad: “…come here.” *they walk over to where the mechanic is working* “Okay, this tire here, that has been balanced, then trimmed. Put it back on the balancer.”

Mechanic: *does so* “Wh… why isn’t it balanced anymore?”

Dad: “The tire you cut off has to weigh something!”

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