Tips Of Future’s Past

, , | Friendly Right | July 27, 2016

(I work at a convenience store/gas station with a kitchen. I am standing off to the side while my coworker and friend are working the register. It’s been a busy day so I’ve been helping earlier but have since stopped. She’s been busy with pizzas and customers all shift. A regular who usually orders pizzas, and has done so this night, stops in with his kids. The kids all grab things and my friend rings them up with their pizzas.)

Friend: “Is that everything today? Your total is [total].”

Regular: *pays with a card* “Oh, this is for you.” *hands my friend $10.00 and turns to me* “And this is for you, too.” *hands me $10.00.*

Me: *tries handing money back* “But I haven’t done anything!”

Regular: “It’s for next time. The pizzas here are always so good, and you girls are overworked so much. Have a good night!”

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